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Many Short and Long term illnesses can be treated and cured through the benefits of
Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha and or Tui Na Massage.
These techniques date back thousands of years
providing circulation, increased mobility and pain relief.


Amy Arreygue, L.Ac., started her career in massage more than 20 years ago,
Now is a Practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).acupuncture
Acupuncture promotes natural healing.
It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, supports physical and emotional health,
and improves and promotes an overall function and well being.
The procedures are safe and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.
Whether you’ve tried everything else or are newly seeking a primary care physician,
Call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.


Chinese and Japanese treatment by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body.



​​A relaxing effleurage balancing massage. Stimulates circulation, eases stress and tension to provide and overall sense of well-being.


Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the historical massage techniques of Japan.
The focus of the Zen Shiatsu practitioners to work with a client in the ‘here and now’, both giver and receiver
having an ‘active’ involvement in what should become a meditative and intuitive process.
The term Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” used to apply pressure to Shiatsu Massagethe receiver’s body.
This can be targeted at general areas or specific points to relieve pain and restore balance.


Manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissues of the body.
It requires the massage therapist to melt or assimilate into the tissue before reaching deeper layers by warming up the muscles on top.
Reaching the deep layers of muscle and soft tissue may not always be accomplished in the first session.
Depending on the situation, a session may be modified to keep the client comfortable,
so they do not subconsciously resist the work and releasing the muscle.


Designed for the active person. Utilizes techniques that target specific areas to relieve soreness and enhance recovery from sports-related activities.


A nurturing massage for your changing body. Performed in a supported side-lying position,
this treatment eases the low back, helps reduce edema and increases overall well being.
Hot Stones


Heated stones applied to the body to melt away tensions and stress.
It can be applied as a relaxation technique using warmed essential oils.
The Hot Stone experience relieves pain, and promotes harmony, balance and peace.


Heated stones applied to the body to melt away tensions and stress.
It can be applied as a relaxation technique using warmed essential oils that help enhance circulation, ease anxiety and decrease pain.
This combined experience offers balance and peace to your mind and body.



An extremely gentle and non-invasive therapy that has deep,long lasting results which help not only recent health problems, but old and deep seeded patterns of disease.
This technique is suitable to treat a wide variety of health problems in babies and children, as well as adults and the elderly.


The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for many thousands of years.
It was first practiced by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples who observed that
congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body.
Treating the foot can have a relaxing and healing effect on the whole body.


Intuitive Energy Work

Energy healing offers an opportunity to work with challenges and issues that present themselves in life in a sincere and balanced environment.
Our bodies hold and store energy, which can sometimes manifest and present themselves in the physical or emotional bodies.
Energy healing allows an individual the time to become more familiar with body, mind, and spirit, to look internally and allow issues to present themselves for consideration and resolve.
Energy work builds confidence, releases past traumatic experiences, and provides a greater understanding of emotional triggers, while harnessing the techniques to produce positive results and transform behaviors.

Working with a skilled energy healer allows the individual to address their needs at a pace that suits their own comfort zone.
The healer works within the energy fields of the body scanning the chakra systems with great care, while listening for guidance from the Divine.
As the individual and healer move through the session there will be a symbiotic dialogue that leads both in understanding the guidance and receive its message.
Energy work is directed with Divine Love at the center of the experience, so the individual feels safe to explore the true nature of whatever specific challenge is being addressed.
Each session begins and concludes with a prayer requesting that a higher good be served throughout the individual’s journey.


Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing.
Energy Healing involves direct application of Chi for the Cupspurpose of strengthening the clients energy system (aura).
Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force the Universe is made of.

Manual Spinal Manipulation:

This is the main treatment provided by chiropractors.
It is also called “chiropractic adjustment.” The purpose of manipulation is to restore joint motions by manually applying a controlled force into joints that are restricted.
Such restriction in movement can be due to trauma, repetitive stress, and abnormal posture.
Adjustments can help decrease pain, improve range of motion and improve joint and muscle proprioception.
These in turn will help heal the tissue and prevent abnormal adhesions.

Chiropractic adjustment rarely causes any discomfort.
A patient may report mild soreness or aching following treatment (like doing exercise for the first time).
This usually will go away spontaneously in few hours.

Distraction Table:

Great for increasing joint motion, relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation.
It decreases pressure inside the disc to help it get more nutrients as well as decrease tension on the spinal nerves and joints.

Drop Table:

A gentle method for spinal manipulation, can be used in acute pain or as the primary method to restore joint mobility.
Can be used for any area of your spine.

Hand and instrument Adjusting (Activator, Arthrostem):

Gentler and less force forms of manipulation.
Can be extremely beneficial in Acute or chronic cases of pain and dysfunction.


Mild form of spinal mobilization to help restore motion in the spinal and pelvic joints.